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At Stratus, we leverage years of experience working with clients ranging from Fortune 100 retailers to boutique shops to bring innovative solutions and bottom line results to their retail spaces. Our expertise, combined with proven strategy and process, allows us to offer our clients a service often reserved for those with budgets well outside their normal reach. No one should be left to negotiate and guess on their own when our industry knowledge is readily available. Talk to us about your ideas and we will work with you to make them a reality.




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Using our deep industry knowledge and experience, we partner with you to develop, produce and execute your small project or full retail program. The market is flooded with suppliers that say they can do it all. We know better.  Let us show you how we can evolve and elevate your brand through an intentionally strategic and customer-centric approach.

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GEORGIA CRAFTED - Packaging Refresh

_ Our client came to us looking to refresh and enhance their packaging. In the past, they had hand stamped all of their boxes. A couple of years in, business is booming and they were ready for something new. We worked within the client’s budget to come up with a great solution. Our industry knowledge helped us determine a size for these vibrant decals that balanced cost and impact and a material and adhesive that would hold up to the rigors of application and shipping.